Our services

Abrasion/Corrosion-Resistance Construction

Both abrasion/corrosion-resistance construction and refractory construction involve the installation of a barrier to protect a working structure from an extreme environment. Although the materials used have different characteristics, they are installed using the same skills, technology and equipment. The work performed by TAC West involves engineering a solution, acquiring and delivering the materials and managing the installation by skilled tradesmen.

Rehabilitation and Modification

Rehabilitation work can range from complete rebuilding of aging tanks and chests to post-tensioning, pressure-injection of resins, and restoration of floor/roof slabs and walls as well as primary/secondary containment basins that have been subjected to increased atmospheric and chemical deterioration. Our engineering expertise allows us to modify design load capacities, and to take into consideration changes in process conditions or relocation of equipment.

Inspection and Maintenance

To help our clients maintain, and even extend, the life expectancy of their equipment, we also offer an on-going inspection service leading to the implementation of a unique predictive and preventive maintenance program by qualified, experienced technical personnel.

Quality Control/Assurance

We are dedicated to a policy of intensive quality control with the use of field Inspection Test Plans. Personnel are trained in the latest techniques to ensure a high quality installation in a safe environment. Also since we are not a manufacturer, we can source out globally the best products (which meet or exceed industry standards) to suit our clients' needs. All materials we utilize have passed laboratory testing to meet ASTM and DIN industry standards.

Health, Safety and Environment

Safety is important to us. We are committed to preserving the health and safety of our employees, our clients and the general public, while ensuring that our operations do not adversely impact the environment.